Check this out (Whole30 style): part two

I hope most of you enjoyed the day off yesterday and if you happened to be working, thank you for your service! Since today is September 2nd I can say I have completed my first ever Whole30 with great success. And I am well on track with my reintroduction phase. I plan to fill you in on just how much success plus some of my thoughts about the program very soon but today I want you to 1) read my last post on Whole30 and 2) read this post on some awesome Whole30 products you should check out if you’re planning on completing the program or even if you aren’t. I think everyone could benefit from a more Whole30 lifestyle so even if you think Whole30 isn’t for you maybe parts of it are and the spirit of Whole30 is for everyone.

Oh and also if you missed the last “check this out”, check it out here. Check it outs are basically just me rambling about things I think you should check out, okay?

First thing you should check out is the book It Starts with Food written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the original Whole30ers! It’s a great book to expand your horizons and gain some new perspective. Plus, if you’re wondering more about why certain foods are cut out during the Whole30 experience, you have no clue, or you want to understand food better, this book is for you.

Second, Whole30 has a page on their site that includes some of their best Whole30 approved products you should check out. These products have been through a more rigorous process to be listed on their page such as that their mission is in line with not only Whole30 but Whole9life as well. So check the page out.

Although the link above includes some of the Whole30 approved products, do not be discouraged! There are more out there and I will share just a few below but first I have to start with my favorite product that I wish I had known about sooner in my life and just so happens to be on the official page….

Thing number 3: Tessemae’s salad dressings (specifically the cracked pepper). Oh my word. Seriously so good. I can/do eat my salads plain or mixed in with my foods but sometimes dressing is a must and thank goodness for this product!

Thing number 4: Coconut Aminos. Forever to replace any form of soy sauce to ever enter my life. Yes, it’s that good.

It can be a little overwhelming to have to make your own food all the time so it’s nice to find some Whole30 products on the shelf. Plus, if you were absent from your kitchen for a week on vacation like me then you needed some go to foods like the ones below….

Thing number 5: Trader Joe’s Applesauce, unsweetened pure goodness. Now, I do believe that apples are easy to transport short term. I’m far from thinking that your fruit roll up is any easier to throw in your bag for lunch than my pink lady apple but it’s nice to have applesauce packets when you’re traveling long distances or to hold up better for an extra long day.

Thing number 6: Larabars. READ YOUR LABELS. Now, Whole30 cautions against too many Larabars and I agree but these saved my life on vacation. Not all of them are Whole30 approved so please read your labels.

Thing number 7: Some Eden Foods mustard and some Whole Foods mustards are Whole30! Isn’t it sad that more products aren’t Whole30? Meaning they don’t have extra sugar and other crap added to them! I mean, I’ve been getting pissed off at the added sugar thing for a while but I became angrier during my Whole30. Especially with those lying labels exclaiming “Sugar Free” or “No Sugar Added”. Sorry, that’s a rant for another time. Moving on.

Thing number 8: Trader Joe’s boxed broths. A lot of the broths are sugar free and carrageenan free!!! The best is homemade but again nice to know they exist just in case.

Thing number 9: Shopping at Costco. Now, I agree that it is better to get your food as close to local as possible and preferably from a Farmer’s market but sometimes we cannot all do that and plus, I LOVE me some Costco. Ask anybody and you know I love some Costco. Anyways, here’s a handy little post about Whole30 shopping at Costco. There’s also plenty more posts out there!

Finally check out this post that goes into even more detail on some Whole30 approved products from stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods!

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff to check out! You better get to it.

Thanks for reading.

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