Check this out: part one.

Hey guys!

First off, had a great time in St. Pete visiting my old time friend. We baked, and burnt, some cookies, had a beach day plus some fun loading up the paddle-board, visited Tampa and much more. It was the perfect pre-week to my Whole30 challenge which is going wonderfully so far.

I’m only 3 days in so I cannot report a whole (pun intended) lot crazy differences my body is feeling but I do feel great. I’ve done plenty of juice fasts in the past so I don’t think this could be any harder. You really have to put your mind to do and just do it. If you start off with the mentality that you will fail or are not able to do it, you most likely will do exactly those things. It’s the power of the mind. I hope to report some great stuff at the end of this so that one of you reading this may be challenged to try Whole30.

This post is, however, not about Whole30. It’s just a random post of some stuff I think you should check out. Yeah, sometimes blog posts are allowed to be rather long twitter rants where you simply tell the world random uninteresting things like what I am about to tell you.

Uninteresting thing #1 you should check out: Oxford Exchange (Tampa, FL). (Hah! Not that uninteresting is it) I’ve never much cared for Tampa but they do have some great shopping and food. If you’re ever in the area be sure to check out Oxford Exchange. Not so much for their stores but for their restaurants which include food that is locally and organically sourced as well as antibiotic-free and hormone-free meat. You can imagine my happy dance when my friend mentioned going there and I found out their restaurant turned out to my right up my foodie ally! I had the most amazing sweet potato fries, kale chips, and turkey club sandwich but honestly, everything looked so good. They even have afternoon tea on the weekends, how cute is that? Oh and brunch too? Adorable. Yes, please go check this place out pronto if you visit Tampa.

Uninteresting thing #2 you should check out: Best Green Drinks Ever (book written by Katrine Van Wyk). My friend bought me this book for my birthday and I was so excited to have a green drinks book on hand with tons of recipes and information! I actually don’t have a ton of cookbooks or anything of the sort so it was nice to get one that directly speaks to me and my love for all things green juice/smoothie. So anyways, I won’t spoil any of the book for you nor the recipes but let me tell you, I would’ve never thought to juice a jalapeno nor would I have learned one of the key reasons people don’t digest dairy that well. And if any of that remotely interests you, you should get the book.

Uninteresting thing #3 you should check out: Redefining Home (book written by Carrie Anne Hudson). I bought this a while back. I don’t even remember why but I’m so glad I did. It’s written in a journal form which strongly appeals to my likings. It makes me feel like I know the person and like I could just sit and have tea or coffee with her and tell funny stories of our children (for her, actual children, for me, my dog). Carrie writes of her journey to redefine “home” as she tells of her life in China and America. She brings such a unique perspective on some of the cultural differences between America and China. I love reading books like this because it opens my eyes to so many new fresh ways to look at cultures and people. Above all, she has a passion to spread the love of Christ, God’s grace, and His message of salvation to all. My favorite chapter was the last one. It was directed towards Christians who want to live overseas but I think any Christian would benefit from her advice.

Uninteresting thing #4 you should check out. When I was Younger (the album) written by Colony House (probably one of my top 5 favorite bands ever). If you couldn’t tell by the obnoxiously long link there, I don’t want you to miss out on this band. There isn’t much to say about them except that I have had their album on repeat for about a week now. It’s that good. I am in love. I even bought the whole album which says a lot because we have Rdio which means the album is “free” to us but this band deserves support. I will even by a T-shirt. Two things I never do, buy an album and a T-shirt. So go check it out. The only way you won’t like them is if you hate happy, uplifting, creative music and adore lame, crappy, uncreative music.

So there you have it, four not-uninteresting things for you to check out in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday!



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  1. Check this out (Whole30 style): part two – my wonderful craziness

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