My Big News: Part 2

It’s time to do a follow-up post! Go check out my original post here in case you missed it.

This post is about extra wonderful crazy things you need to know about a menstrual cup.

Let me start by reiterating this: not all cups are the same, be sure to research and decide which works for you. For example, a friend said she tried the Soft Cup and hated it. Now, a soft cup is very different from a “normal” menstrual cup in a couple of ways. They come in disposable and reusable cups but the reusable ones can only be used for one period and the disposable ones for up to 12 hours. They also sit in a completely different place than a normal menstrual cup. And they are made of different material too. So all in all, my advice is to research, read reviews, and decide what works for you. I have the DIVA Cup and love it.

Here are some questions I had before taking the plunge into menstrual cup world/some questions I’ve been asked since:

Can you use the bathroom with it in? Does it hurt when you do? Yes, you can go to the bathroom in peace with it in! And no, it doesn’t hurt. You don’t feel a thing. You cannot feel it ever.

Can you swim with it? Um, yes. You can do anything you would normally do with a tampon BUT even better. In fact, I just went swimming with it and it was amazing.

Does it hurt to insert/take out? Nope. It takes a little used to, but if you have it folded properly (following the directions helps) it should go in easily and the same with taking it out.

Is it gross? Most things about your period are gross. But I like it a lot better than anything else. I found it to be less gross than tampons or pads. I don’t have to be reminded of all that is going on inside me until 10-12 hours….which makes things less gross. This past week I traveled and had to be away from a non-public bathroom for right at 12 hours. It was a huge relief to know I didn’t have to deal with changing it and cleaning it until I got home. Traveling with a menstrual cup is the bomb.

Does it leak? If you insert the cup correctly it does not leak. The key here is to rotate your cup 360 degrees to ensure the proper suction is created. I wore a panty liner the first time just to make sure. Once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go. Think of all the sheets, pjs, and underwear you will save when using the cup.

Exercise? Amazing for exercise. Amazing. Seriously. Take all those tampon commercials they show of the girls doing yoga and how awesome they look and feel and multiply that by a trillion and that’s what exercising with a menstrual cup is like.

What size? With the DIVA Cup you have 2 different sizes. One is for pre childbirth and the other is for post. Just make sure to do some research here.

Does it really save you money? Well, let’s see for ourselves.

Tampax tampons sell for .34 cents each on amazon. Your tampon should be changed every 4-8 hours. Let’s say you change it every 8 hours…3x a day. $1.02 a day. Let’s say your period lasts 5 days. So $5.10 cents every period. You should have 1 every month. This brings your total to $61.20 a year.

Always pads sell for .18 cents each on amazon. Your pad should be changed every 4-6 hours. Let’s say you change it every 6 hours….4x a day. $0.72 cents a day. For 5 days. $3.60 every period. For 12 months brings you to $43.20 a year.

And these numbers are super conservative if we’re honest with each other.

The DIVA cup, on amazon, sells for $27.19 or $25.79 depending on the size you need a year.

See all the money you could be saving.

What if it gets stuck? I was so nervous that it would get stuck and I would have to be rushed to the ER and they would have to perform surgery on me. But after using it I see that, from what I can tell, it’s nearly impossible to do this. The cup comes with a small stem on the end to help you when it’s time to clean and reinsert. You tug the stem just a little until you reach the base of the cup and then pull the cup out by the base. Even if the cup is inserted a little to high, where the stem is hard to reach, gravity will help you out.

How do I clean it? My cup recommends not to use vinegar (my trusted cleaner for EVERYTHING), castile soap, antibacterial soap, and more. I decided to buy the cleaner specifically designed for the cup (as well as hands, face, and body). The DivaCup Cleaner sells for $10.57 on amazon. This brings your total spent on your period in one year to: $37.76 (if you have to buy the more expensive of the two cups) which means you still save money.

Is it safe/dangerous? I discussed this a little in my original post. The risks associated with the cup are far less than those with conventional pads and tampons. It’s made from non-absorbent silicone. It doesn’t disrupt the natural cleaning and protective functions of your vagina nor does it disrupt your pH levels. TSS, GMO cotton, bleach, and harsh chemicals are all things you have to worry about with pads and tampons. Your specific cup should have more answers to this questions. As always listen to your body and consult a doctor…too…maybe.

There you have it. There are many more questions I’m sure and many more answers. Feel free to contact me if you have more.

Need more reasons to switch to a cup? Check out the original post or this quick handy post for links, videos, and reviews.



One thought on “My Big News: Part 2

  1. Great review! I told all my friends about these cups and they all just get so grossed out by the idea of it. I currently use the Mooncup (UK) and I love it! You couldn’t even pay me to go back to tampons or pads. I did have difficulty with it the first time but by the second time, I didn’t have any problems (:

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