The Power of Prayer: 4/18/14

It’s official. When you write about certain things that would be deemed weird or gross like poop or a menstrual cup people realllly tune in to listen. It makes my heart happy for sure…but it’s also a good laugh that my two most read posts are about some sort of bodily function that is usually taboo to speak of. 

This post isn’t about anything of the sort, however.

When I first had an idea to write a blog I told my hubs that I felt like the Christian community was so broken and divided…and I really think it is. Some say church is awesome, others say it’s the devil in human form, some say drink some wine, some say don’t or you’ll surely die and while these may not be the most critical foundations of the Christian faith it does stand to make Christians as a whole look like we don’t have our crap together…at all. And thats fine because I think if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s the power of prayer. In the same light though, I think we forget, I think we become complacent, I think we subconsciously decide we can take care of life on our own or that not everything requires prayer which is just plain wrong.

There is power and prayer. And part of what I want to do with my blog is unify us in that power praying over one another regardless of whether we agree on everything else. We need to pray for each other. We need to, for the sake of the love and grace and all that my Savior came to die for, we need to pray for each other. 

I’ve asked people to contact me with prayers if need be and it’s interesting that I get very little to no responses to these requests…as if we all couldn’t use some sort of encouragement in prayer. In any case, I will continue to share prayers I know are needed as well as what may be on my heart.

Join me in the power of prayer.

Dear Lord, 

We lift up these prayers to you today. We know that there is power in prayer and in You. Thank you for your love, your grace, your everything that you continue to provide over us each day. We thank you and love you for it.

Lord, today we pray for families that have been broken through manipulation and sin. We pray for those who are struggling to keep their marriages afloat and for those who are about to join in marriage. Send your guidance and wisdom to them. Help them know that your love conquers all tactics of harm from the Enemy. We pray for healing for those who are sick. Lord, for those who are having emergency surgeries or scheduled surgeries, guide the doctors, give the families peace, and may your will be done to the glory of Your name through this time. Lord, we lift up those affected by the earthquakes in Nicaragua. Keep those families safe. Turn their weariness into joy in Your name, send peace over them. We pray for the relationships in our lives. That they would glorify you. That you would help us to have grace and love towards our relationships and one another. That deep seeded resentment and anger would take no place in those relationships. Lord, help me as I prepare to study for a test for grad school…help me to be diligent in my learning and to excel at the test. Help me as I go into this chapter of life and may your will be done.

We praise you for all the wonderful crazy things you have blessed us with. For all You do, always and forever in our lives. Help us to be grateful in our lives with all you have graced us with.

We pray all these things in Your precious name, Amen.

Thanks for tuning in guys. And remember, if you need prayer, feel free to contact me.



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