How do you poop?

Have you guys ever read the book Everybody Poops? It’s all about the natural process of pooping. It’s a kid’s book and it’s hilarious. It’s funny because it talks about all these different creatures that poop and how we all poop and it’s okay to poop. Side bar: Does that word make you uncomfortable? I’m sorry. You may wanna go read the book if it does, so you are a little more aquatinted with the word. Poop. Okay, moving on…. the book doesn’t touch on the deeper levels of your poop (yes, the deeper levels) and so that’s what I’m here for…sort of.

This is such a strange post.

Your poop says a lot about your overall health and it’s super important to keep your poop in check and to check your poop.

First off, what is poop? It’s all the crap (pun super intended) your body doesn’t need. After your food has been digested, poop is what is leftover and what the body can’t really do much with. Pause. Let’s read that again, after your food has been digested…so if you’re constipated and haven’t been able to poop much or regularly or easily this would tell us….. your food is not being digested very well. Right? Do you follow my logic here? It’s really quite simple. No doctors and scientists required to tell you that you should be able to digest your food easily so you can poop easily.

Second off, what is your poop telling you? Does it smell of death…cause we all know poop doesn’t smell good but it shouldn’t smell like death..this could be a sign of serious health issues. What color is it? Sometimes red poop can happen after eating beets but sometimes this can be blood and this is again, could be a sign of serious health issues. What does it look like? Lumpy? Pencil thin? You’re poop isn’t doing too hot if this is the case.

Check out this handy chart to keep an eye on your poop:


You’re aiming for Type 4. Type 4 is the lottery ticket of poop. But types 3-5 will do but really shoot for the stars here and go for 4. You don’t really need the chart. Your body knows when it’s okay and when it isn’t…really truly. We’ve all had those instances where we just know you’re gonna have to hit the bathroom hard and when it’s just normal.

Lastly, you just read the above paragraphs and you realize your poop is in some serious trouble. What are you to do? So glad you asked, let me share just a couple ways to improve your pooping potential.

I probably sound like a broken record here but switch to a real whole foods diet. Yes, if you’ve read my blog before you’ve heard this a million times but until you are eating a real foods diet I’m going to keep on saying it. These foods include all the wonderful things mother nature or God as I call him blessed you with. Not that yucky stuff manufacturers made in their factors. They typically don’t have nutrition labels or fancy boxes with cartoon characters on them. They are real foods without a laundry list of ingredients. Need an example? Avocado. What are the ingredients in a real food (organic) avocado? Avocado. So simple. So straight forward. Side bar: chose organic NON-GMO food as much as humanly possible.

But, some whole foods don’t sit well with certain people or their digestive systems so cut out your allergies and irritants. Yep, if wheat makes your poop all funky the answer is simple, cut it out of your diet. If diary makes your stomach hurt, don’t eat or drink diary.

Build up your healthy bacteria, stay active, and hydrated. You need these things for a healthy body and healthy poop. Drink water, a lot of it and if you can filter it so it doesn’t have all the nasty chemicals in it. Build up your probiotics by eating yummy delicious fermented foods. Stay active by putting down the phone, computer, everything, to just be with nature.

My last tip answers the question in the title of this blog. How do I poop? I poop in a toilet but I do so with style using my squatty potty (SQPTY). Yes, I use a thing called a squatty potty. It looks like this:



Pretty stylish eh? No, not really but it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. And what in the world does it do exactly? It puts you in an optimal pooping position so that your poop can easily flow from your body. Sounds weird but you have no idea what a world of difference it will make. Check out more info here.

Check out more info about pooping and all it’s glory here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

If you made it to the end of this post, I am so proud, and thank you for sticking it out with me. I know the road has been tough but don’t worry, everybody poops and now you know how to poop just a little bit better.



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