10 weeks. 10 pounds. Week one update.

I’m sure all of you are dying, yes dying, to know how I kept up with week one of my 10 week weight loss challenge. But even if you aren’t I’m gonna blog about it anyways. In case you missed it I started this challenge last week, April 7th. Here is the original post in case you missed it. 

Let’s see how I did, shall we.

Goal: 3×30 minute runs a week which is equivalent to 90 minutes of running a week. Outcome: kinda all over the place because I ran 4 days of the week but not for 30 minutes. I ran a total of 64 minutes last week. 26 minutes short of goal.

Goal: 2×30 minute other exercise per week or 60 minutes of other exercise. Outcome: danced my butt off, true story ask my hubby, 2×30 minutes so the full 60 minutes.

Goal: 3x some toning exercise. Outcome: I chose to do some of the movements and warmups from my dance classes I took last summer and I did them 3x that week. 

Goal: stretch every day, 7/7. Outcome: 6/7 days I stretched. Didn’t have any particular routine, did some yoga, did some dance movements, did some basic stretching and these probably lasted 10-15 minutes.

Goal: 5x per week green smoothie breakfast replacement. Outcome: 4/5 days and the other day I didn’t eat breakfast.

Goal: 5x per week green juice. Outcome: 4/5 days.

Goal: limit restaurant food to either a) salad or b) not eating my entire meal/sharing. Outcome: shared my meal.

Goal: juice fast every other week for one day. Outcome: will be done the week of week 2.

Goal: wheat grass shot once a week. Outcome: hubby and I both had wheatgrass shots this week.

Goal: oil pull everyday and for 10-20 minutes. Outcome: 5/7 days for an average of 10 minutes.

Goal: probiotic supplement everyday. Outcome: 6/7 days.

Goal: get to bed by 10:30. Outcome: epic failure. I don’t think I was actually in bed once by 10:30.

Goal: detox baths once a week. Outcome: 0 detox baths.

Goal: Dry brushing everyday. Outcome: 5/7 days. 

Oh man, that’s a lot to keep up with but wish me luck as I head into week 2. I need to make this into a pretty chart but I need to figure out how to do that first.



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