How to take care of your face, naturally!


Remember how I told you I was going to write about all the wonderful crazy (weird) things I do now that I’m living a more natural lifestyle? This falls under that category.

So here is how I care for my face naturally and I must warn you that it’s a little unconventional. But I must also warn you that it works wonders for your face and I promise you will thank for me this post and so will your face.

It’s really quite simple and easy too, no crazy expensive potions and lotions…just basic and natural ingredients and steps here. Hopefully, you can get on board with me and make this a way of life for your face!

Cut the crap. No seriously, cut the processed foods, the un-real-not-food-mockery-of-food stuff. Cut it out. Diary has been said to cause acne (funny since it’s added to so many things it just doesn’t need to be in) and so has highly refined sugar (which is in just about every processed food and in excessive amounts). These crap foods and plenty more do not help your skin, your body, and most definitely not your face. This is the best place to start. Switch to a real whole foods diet to see the most lasting change in your face! Beauty comes from within they say.

Cut the crap beauty products. When I was struggling with acne in my teen years I washed and scrubbed my face with the harshest chemical cleanser I could find. I was also on the strongest medicated acne cream which bleached my clothes and smelled horrible. If only I had known better. Anyways, these do not help your face either. Just don’t go there. Even a quick google search these days will tell you that scrubbing too hard or using harsh chemical cleansers can actually make acne worse. Not to mention that conventional beauty products have tons of other toxins that clog your pores and wreak havoc on your body and face. Yes, this includes your makeup or as I generally call it makedown Switch to more all natural and organic options for your beauty products. You could do what I do which is 1) wear less beauty products in general 2) make my own or use natural foods instead (think coconut oil).

Check your medications. These include the over the counter ones too. But if you are on medication, especially those that are directed at hormonal change… I’m looking at you birth control pill…then this can make a huge difference on your skin and overall health. I couldn’t possibly tell you to not take your medications but talk to your “healthcare professional” about the possibility of certain medications harming your face.

Realign yourself. Are you stressed, like all the time? This can make face look and feel not as beautiful as it could be. Hormonal imbalance? Also a huge contributor. Not even sleep? Yes, even this can hurt you. Is your gut all out of whack? You guessed it, all connected. Toxins? Not so good.

Oil cleanse with me. The other day I was at a party and people were commenting on my face and how beautiful it looked. What bronzer do you use? What’s your secret? No bronzer. No fancy potions and secrets. I wash and cleanse my face with oil. Shocked? Don’t be. I’m shocked you wash your face with crap beauty products. If you haven’t heard of oil cleansing it’s generally based on the principle that oil dissolves oil and it works wonders for your face. There are many different oils you can use. I use olive oil and castor oil. Some people are really against those two oils but I love them for me. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil and more. My recommendation is to watch how your skin reacts and go from there to determine the right oil from you. There are also different ratios you can use when making your oil cleanser. I have used a 1:1 ratio or a 1:4 ratio and both have worked great even though they are so different. Sometimes I wash my face twice a day, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. You need to determine what works best for you and go from there. Here is my routine:

Take your oil and massage it gently into you skin for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It’s like a super cheap facial.

Take a washcloth and wet it with hot water and then place the cloth on your face to open up your pores. You look super silly but it feels super awesome. I do this until it’s cold. Repeat this step until much of the oil is off. Then gently take off the excess oil with the cloth.

I like to then take my cloth and rinse it with cold water and lightly dab it on my face…cause it just feels nice.

That’s it. Proceed as normal which for me is coconut oil afterwards. Yes, I love to lather my face with oil. Yummy. I haven’t started using a toner but when I do I will be making mine with ACV.

I love this for my skin. I will never ever ever go back to anything else. It’s so inexpensive. It’s so easy. It’s so awesome. Also, a lot of these oils can be used in the kitchen too so don’t feel like if you buy almond oil and it doesn’t work it has to go to waste. PLEASE note, you want a good high quality brand of oil. Don’t skimp on this part, you wouldn’t/haven’t in the past with those nasty conventional products so don’t start now.

Listen to your body. You are the truest expert on your body and your face. Please listen to this over anyone or anything else.

Some other things. I use tea tree oil on pimples and it’s wonderful. Coconut oil is good for this too. Sometimes I put vitamin E or jojoba oil on my face instead and it’s pretty sweet. Apple cider vinegar is your best friend. Drinking plenty of water also has worked wonders for my face. It will not leave your face all oily unless you leave too much oil on it. I recommend buying some washcloths specifically for oil cleansing. I’ve read that some people have seen better results with a microfiber cloth.

Here are some extra resources for you guys:

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Was that enough or what?

In social work we have the train of thought that we are all connected, the world, the people, everything. Your decisions, your outcome, your life is all effected or affected or whatever it is by tons of things all around you. We are holistic beings. Therefore, your body, your face, your everything is holistic as well.

Want to take care of your face naturally and optimally? You have to take care of your whole being too. Holistic beings people, that’s what we are.

Hope this wonderful crazy info will help some of you out there. As always, feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.


p.s. A friend and the owner of BumbleBee Waxing here in town, the ONLY place I will go for my waxing needs, sent me this link for oil and herbal cleansers. That combo is sure to be magical for your skin. I totally trust her judgement on this one as she says she has been using this brand for over a decade and highly recommends them to all her clients, friends, and family. Check out the link and her studio for some awesome stuff. 


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