10 weeks. 10 pounds.

I haven’t yet posted my story of health and losing weight and all that jazz but for those of you who don’t know I’ve grown a lot in the realm of health and natural living which has helped me tremendously in the weight department. I will have to go more into detail on a separate post about how I got to where I am today but let me show you where I was and where I am now so you can get a little idea.


June 2010.


December 2011.

Things did get better……


October 2012.


August 2013.

Nice little trip down memory lane. I’ve made huge improvements in my life. This isn’t just how I look, or the weight I’ve lost, this is about everything. A more holistic view on life has brought me where I am now. More on that story another time.

Even so, I had a goal of where I wanted to end up once I was in the best shape of my life. I’ve never been one for scales or goals like this… I want to be healthy not at a certain weight. But nevertheless, I want to see if I can do it and I still think I can be healthy and at my target weight goal. I was closest on my wedding day, 4 pounds shy, but I’ve gained a little weight since then and now I’m 10 pounds shy. I’ve also slacked a little in certain areas of life and grown a ton in others.

So, starting today I have 10 weeks (and a couple of days) before my 22nd birthday and I want to be at my goal by then.

10 weeks. 10 pounds.

Wanna know how I’m gonna do it? Yes, you do!


3x per week run 30 min. I cannot run for 30 minutes straight but as much as I can I will or break it up into two 15 minute runs. Whatever I can do. I’m gonna track them using the Strava app, come join me!

2x per week 30 minutes of other exercise…Zumba or yoga or bicycling or a workout video or dancing or something. Anything.

3x per week squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, etc…something that is more for toning than anything…not sure for how long or how many sets yet.

Everyday I want to stretch my body…haven’t come up with my exact stretches but I will be gathering ideas from thankyourbody. My body feels so much better when I stretch everyday.

I’ve been able to maintain my weight by just walking which I do for at least 30 minutes a day so I will continue on that path as well.

Food wise:

5x per week green smoothie breakfast replacement. I have a protein powder I usually keep on hand for when I’m out of greens but I will be mixing this into my greens so it can hold me over longer. I usually do this as a natural process of life but I want to stick to it for 5 days straight.

5x per week green juice too. I usually have an average of 3 juices a week but I want to up my game, plus juices are just so delicious.

Limit restaurant food to either a) salad or b) not eating my entire meal/sharing. I used to do this every single time I went to eat but I’ve slacked lately. I’ve also brought my own food to restaurants and will be doing more of this too.

I want to juice fast every other week for one day. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so what better time to start than now.

Wheat grass shots once a week. My juicer can juice wheat grass-ah!

Other than that I am proceeding with my normal real foods diet.

Extra other things:

Oil pulling every day and for longer periods of time. I usually oil pull 3-5 times a week for 5-10 minutes. Let’s see if I can up this to 20 minutes everyday.

Probiotics. I’ve never been a supplement person…ever. But I already have some on hand and want to be diligent about taking this everyday to see if I can see improvements.

Get to bed by 10:30. Trust me, this is a huge step for me. Sleep is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Detox baths once a week. I usually do once a month or so. Sitting still for that long is hard for me.

Dry brushing everyday. It’s so good for detoxifying!

That’s really it guys. It’s really not that huge of a step for me in this food department or other extra things but the main reason I was able to lose so much weight at first was 1) I had more to lose 2) I exercised more.

I don’t count calories or anything of the sort and I don’t plan to. Calories can only take you so far in losing weight and plus, I want this to be more about healthy living. So it’s really not that dramatic or different for me. Just upping my game.

I’m also doing a separate challenge with some friends, using a points system. Hopefully I can win that one!

If you want to join me in this 10 week challenge, please do. Please revise the above to meet your needs and desires.

10 weeks. 10 pounds. Let’s do this wonderful crazy thing.



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