Snacks on a plane: the less frightening and more delicious version of snakes on a plane.

For those of you who didn’t laugh at my title, I need you to go back and laugh because my hubby and giggling like little schoolgirls over here.

As you may remember from my previous post, a couple of weeks ago I traveled to Missouri to visit my friend. I was super excited to be visiting her and to have an opportunity to try my first ever bring your own food on a plane ride.

This trip was my first flight traveling as a real foodie. It’s strange how much changes when you decide a bag of all natural lays chips really aren’t all that natural and do not constitute a good snack. So this trip I packed my own food and IT WORKED. Sure they had to run my bag twice through security but none of my food was confiscated and I was able to successfully enjoy my organic food and teas without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Plus I’m not even sure that airports carry organic anything expect for those 3oz bags of dried fruit that cost 8 dollars. 8 dollars. Did you catch that? Yeah, it’s time we all start packing our own food on our flights.

Here’s what successfully made it with my on my flight to Missouri:

Trail mix made of blueberries, raisins, dried bananas, dried apples, almonds, coconut macaroons, and some unreal chocolate candies for good luck.




 Pb&j sandwich

 Tea bags


Cayenne pepper in the original container

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, green smoothie powder, and flax seeds mixed

Other non food items that made it with me include:

 An empty water bottle to refill

 An empty thermos for my tea. I bought this brand at Costco and oh my, they work amazing.

 Ohhh and my oil face wash made it too but I wasn’t too concerned about that since I kept it within the 3oz limit.

I was just way to excited about bringing my own food with me not to share it on my blog. I don’t travel a lot so truthfully I cannot give you much advice.

Check out the below links for more real food travel tips:

FoodBabe Travel

100 Days of Real Food

Homemade Mommy

Nourished Kitchen

Hopefully this helps you on your next plane ride. You do not have to be stuck eating pretzels and peanuts on your next flight. You can enjoy yummy apples and popcorn and make all the other people jealous of your wonderful crazy food.



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