My Big News.


Wait, no I’m not. If you were expecting a pregnancy post you would be dead wrong. I am neither pregnant nor planning on being pregnant anytime in the near future. Nope, this big news has to do with my period.

STOP. Wait. Yes, I am about to write a whole blog post about my period. And as a fair warning I am once again going to warn against any man that does not experience a monthly period to move their mouse up to their browser and click that little x and go far far away. Oh but also if you are a woman and do not like to discuss your period, then you can go too.

This post is not for everyone but I promise it will change your life or at least it changed mine.

I don’t find the need to discuss what exactly a menstrual cycle is nor it’s purpose nor anything of the sort as I assume most of my readers already know the details BUT in case you don’t let me give you a quick synopsis.

Your menstrual cycle is the whole process your body undergoes for pregnancy and averages 28 days. Menstruation is the actual bleeding that occurs during this cycle and usually lasts 3-7 days. Hormones regulate your cycle. Periods can suck as some women experience pain. They’re kinda gross as you have to deal with dirty underwear, pads or tampons, and a slew of other uncomfortable things like not being able to wear a thong when you need to. The whole process can say a lot about your overall health and is really quite amazing when you think about what your body is actually doing but this amazingness doesn’t take away from some of the not so fun parts.

On my 11th birthday I started my period. Hooray, happy birthday! Let’s bleed together said my reproductive system to me. I remember I had friends who hadn’t started theirs yet and really wanted to and I would just laugh in their faces cause they had no idea. Day 1 of my period was always the worst. I usually skipped school or whatever else I had going on to cry and be in miserable pain all day. Sometimes I would ache all over and feel feverish and it was just straight up awful. I would mask my pain by downing Midol (I’m sorry dear body) and eating tons of junk food (something I would later find did not help me at all). Things got more tolerable as the years progressed but day one was still straight up horrible. As the worst advice ever, I got on birth control to help mask my pain even more. Oh my, the wonders of birth control. My periods went from 7 days to 4. From heavy to light. From awful to tolerable. Dear body, I am very sorry for this. I got off birth control after a year and had to start the battle all over again with my period having since screwed myself through the poison that is birth control it sucked even more. My period went from 4 days to 7 to 2 to nonexistent. From heavy to light to nothing. From tolerable to awful to horrible to great to nothing at all. Bad news all around really.

Fast forward to the time were I decided I would no longer be held in the captivity of crap food and crap medicine and my periods got a lot better. I average 5 days now with a moderate flow. I still get cramps from time to time but so much more manageable. I’ve since learned that as much as it sucks getting up and walking or stretching or doing some yoga really helps relieve some of the pain. Tea, chamomile more specifically, is my new Midol. More than that I live a lifestyle that just works for my period. Go figure, a healthy (normal) lifestyle free from foods that cause inflammation, bloating, sickness, and more actually helps my body’s natural process go smoother….go figure. Would I say my periods are great? No. But okay and doable? Totally yes.

BUT, there was always one thing I couldn’t really make better about my periods. Those stupid pads. I long ago cut out tampons. Wanna know why? Click here or here or here or here or here or here. Right okay so as you can see some of those links also have to do with pads which I had not cut out nor had I made the switch to reusable (just didn’t want to go there) or organic pads (have you priced those lately) but I did cut out the good smelling ones. Anyways, so I couldn’t shake these pads. And they are annoying no matter what way you look at them. The buildup that can be on pads, the feeling of them when you wear certain clothing, I mean it’s just bleh.

Insert my big news: my menstrual cup. Get a good laugh, re-read the sentence if you need to. Yes, it says menstrual cup.

Here are some thoughts that may be running through your head: Kristina has surely lost her mind. What has happened to my dear sweet friend? I did not see that coming at all. This is her big exciting news? What in the world is a freaking menstrual cup?

I have not lost my mind. Your friend is still here just changing and growing. Sorry for the shocking news, hope our friendship makes it. Yes, this is my big exciting news I couldn’t wait to share because it’s really so exciting. I’m so glad you asked about what a menstrual cup is.

A menstrual cup is a silicone cup, I believe it also can be made from all-natural rubber, that you use in place of pads or tampons. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a cup for your menstruation. Unlike a pad or a tampon it holds all your blood instead of attempting to absorb it into GMO cotton. It works by creating a suction that holds all your fluids.

It can hold up to one ounce. It can be worn for 10-12 hours. It only needs to be emptied and cleaned 2-3 times a day. You only need to replace it once a year. It is not at all as gross as you think and in fact I found it to be more hygienic than pads..91% of women who tried it loved it according to this site. It saves you tons of money. It’s comfortable. You don’t feel it at all ever. No leaks. Just straight up awesome in my humble opinion.

Wanna see a picture before we go on? Sure you do.


Adorable right? Not so much but mine did come with a cute floral baggie and a pin that said DIVA on it. And let me tell you, once you use a menstrual cup you surely feel like a diva even on your period. Scared yet? Don’t be. I promise it’s not as scary as it looks.

Anyways, so insert my menstrual cup and insert the wonders and glory of not having to use pads. Insert the awesomeness that is to literally forget you are on your period because you don’t feel it and no leaks. Insert wearing thongs whenever you want and if you’re a daredevil white pants too. Insert less environmental impact. Insert more money to save. Insert so many wonderful things and this is my menstrual cup. It’s so exciting and I am so happy to share my big news for you. Insert a happy and healthy period.

Here’s the one I have but there are tons of them out there. Do some research and decide which one works for you if any work for you at all. I promise it will change your life.

I’m sure you may have a ton more questions like how to I get it in there or how crazy do you have to be before trying one of these out so let me share some links below. Some of these have videos to help you better understand how it works!!

Go menstrual cup.

Go menstrual cup.

18 reasons to go with the flow and get a menstrual cup.

Go menstrual cup.

Alright, so there you have it. My big exciting news I just couldn’t wait to share with you! Isn’t it just wonderful and crazy? More crazy than wonderful.



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