Do you have a blog?

Hello all five of you reading my blog! Did you miss me? Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for the past couple weeks. As you saw in my previous post I was headed to Missouri to visit my dear sweet friend sister. I couldn’t possibly describe how wonderful and sweet it was to be with my Daniels and Negron family. Being that I hadn’t seen them in 2 years it was such a sweet 5 days that I will cherish forever. Everything about being there was so amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone on my trip. A word of advice to those out there, when you make a great and amazing friend that you call sister, hold on to her. There will be ups and downs as life progresses but that is life and I promise you want to hold this friendship very closely. I’m sure glad I did and I look forward to many more memories to come for a lifetime.

In my previous post I mentioned that I brought my own food through security, I will update you on that adventure on a separate post this coming week. But here’s some great news, no food was confiscated!!!! Woohoo. Anyways, come back this week to read that post.

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower for a close friend and had some interesting conversations about all my weird natural habits and my lifestyle. This led to questions like, “do you have a blog where you post all this stuff?” which reminded me of why I really started blogging in the first place. You see, lots of my friends and family were asking me all sorts of questions all the time about things I do that have transformed my life and I decided writing about it would be the best way to share my life with them. I haven’t posted too much weird stuff yet but get ready cause it’s coming. I’m gonna pump the weirdness and wonderful craziness up a degree to offer the most advice and help I can to people who are looking to transform their health and life.

So in the next coming weeks I will begin a series called “the wonderful crazy things I do” and it will be all about my weird lifestyle. Should be fun. I’ll have it categorized for you for easy access and hopefully you can learn some stuff and better your life like I did mine 🙂

ALSO, you guys remember my big news I couldn’t wait to share? Watch out for that this Tuesday. Head’s up to the men folk reading my blog, the news has something to do with the female reproductive system and you may want to take a break from reading my blog that day. I am so excited to share.


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