My wonderful crazy eats: 3/17/14

Happy Monday! And Happy St. Patty’s day!

Soon enough this Florida girl will be on her way to the good ole state of Missouri and I am so super excited for all the wonderful food that awaits me there! Until then, this monday was spent trying to eat leftovers and the rest of my minimal food before I go. My husband could live off mac and cheese and cereal so I’m sure that’s all he’ll eat while I’m gone. 

Yummy Ezekiel bread with sunbutter and strawberry jam for breakfast with some delicious raisins on the side. Obviously this was after I finished my hot water with lemon and cayenne.

Some rice with black beans and tomatoes, cilantro, and  homemade guacamole for lunch. 

Sippin on some juice made of cabbage, carrots, apple, celery, and ginger as I write.

Not sure what dinner will be but my husband is craving egg salad sandwiches so that could be delish.

I’m working on packing my food for my airplane rides. I have never brought my own food on a plane so hopefully TSA isn’t lame about the situation. My almonds are soaking for my trail mix, my Angie’s organic and non-gmo popcorn is packed, and I’ll throw some apples and bananas in my bag on the way to the airport. I also have tons of teas with me for my 2 hour layover in Atlanta!

Guys…I have some exciting news to share with you! BUT I can’t share it just yet…you’ll hear soon enough…all 5 of you who read my blog! Yay for you!

Keeping this post short for you so you can go drink some green beer sooner rather than later! 🙂




2 thoughts on “My wonderful crazy eats: 3/17/14

  1. Do you have a blog? | mywonderfulcraziness

  2. Snacks on a plane, the less frightening version of snakes on a plane and much more delicious. – my wonderful craziness

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