A post about my husband.

March 14th marked 5 years since my husband and I started dating. And it was in February at the age of 13 that I met him one faithful night at a birthday party. A lot of stuff happens when you decide you want to spend extra time with someone you think is absolutely adorable and awesome (dating) and even more happens when you decide that person is so adorable and awesome that you must live all eternity with them, wash their laundry, spoon feed them soup when they’re sick, and serve them an ice-cold beer after a long day at work (marriage).

In all the things I’ve learned nothing has taught me more than my husband has taught me.

He has taught me what it means to love unconditionally. Like really unconditionally. Like let me do this for you and expect absolutely nothing in return. Wholeheartedly, expect nothing in return. As in, I will bend over backwards for you even if it means I have to put aside my needs and desires. As in, I’m exhausting after working a 12 hour day and traveling, but yes, I will come help you clean (that really did just happen). As in, I don’t care how poorly you treat me I am still going to love you.

He has taught me what it means to forgive. Like the kind of forgiveness that is extended beyond an apology or before an apology is even given. The kind of forgiveness that is given time and time and time again for the same offenses. Something I do NOT do well or at all if I’m truly honest. The forgiveness that apologizes for doing nothing wrong or will be the first to say sorry. You know like grace and stuff?

He has taught me what patience looks like. The kind of patience that is extended to things that would make my head explode and start screaming in Spanish like my mom used to when she was upset. The patience that looks like let me bite my tongue and take your heat and then not explode in your face (cause I would do that). The kind of patience that will take my barks and commands will a smile and then hug me and tell me he loves me.

He has taught me about selflessness. Constantly setting aside his wants and desires for others, not just me. Wanting whats best for me and us instead of himself.

He has taught me to be less of a control maniac. Yeah, I control things…and your point? My point is that my husband has taught me that it’s okay when/if things don’t work out the way I planned or wanted. Things will work out and I just need a chill pill. He has taught me that I don’t need a plan in the first, that I really can just enjoy my time, my vacations, my life without controlling everything.

He has taught me that money is okay to spend. Now, I don’t know if you know this but I’m kinda cheap as in I don’t wanna pay more than 15 bucks for a pair of jeans or 10 bucks for a cardigan or for a dress or anything. I’m cheap and thrifty and I like it that way. And it’s okay to be this way. But it’s also okay to spend 20 bucks on a pair of jeans, or 15 on a cardigan or a dress (which is still pretty cheap). You see, you can be healthy with your money and spend a little extra to have some fun or you can be unhealthy with your money and save it all for the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy the blessings God has given you is all I’m saying… and my husband has helped me see this.

He has taught me that laundry is never-ending. Yeah, doing laundry for the two of us is never-ending, I cannot imagine what it’s gonna be like when we have children. Dishes are also never-ending. And all of this is totally worth it.

He has taught me all these things and so much more.

In all these ways he has taught me, inadvertently, how Christ might treat me and love me and see me. With total love, grace, kindness, gentleness and so much more. Everyday my husband looks at me like a perfect crazy wonderful person and I can’t help but wonder if Christ sees me similarly.

I have been so very blessed to be loved by my husband. I have been so very blessed to grow as a person as I watch my husband become the man Christ purposed for him to be. I have been so very blessed to learn of Christ’s unfailing love for me through my husband. I am so blessed to have the husband I do.


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