Juicing. Juicing. Juicing… oh my!

This past weekend Jonah and I did a juice fast. 3 days of juicing to rock your body, mind, soul, and everything awesome. So I’ve decided that I should share some tips I’ve learned along the way about juicing and completing a successful juice fast.

First we should discuss why we juice in the first place.

Juicing is tasty. Can we just stop making everything about science or all this complicated stuff it really shouldn’t be about? We should be able to eat nutritious, wholesome, REAL food because it tastes good and not have to think about all the other stuff. Food used to be this way but then scientists came in and ruined it all and manufactures came in and ruined it all. Eating used to be so much simpler but I will save that rant for another time.

Juicing is an exceptional way to drink your nutrients and get an extra dose of them too. Veggies = nutrients. So do fruits but with juice you want to stick to more veggies than fruits. Anyways, so imagine drinking two large salads in 15 minutes? Sounds like a sure and easy way to get those nutrients doesn’t it? Yeah, it is. We generally don’t eat enough fruits and veggies in our modern-day world and juicing helps us make up for that. Also, due to the depletion of the nutrients in our fruits and veggies (and other foods too) we now need to eat more of them to get the same amount of nutrients. So an apple had xyz number of nutrients at one point and now it has x number of nutrients. It sucks but it’s life. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what’s happened with gluten and wheat over the years.

Juicing gives your digestive system a break. So guess what? Your body has to work to digest things. And when they are heavily processed CRAP that I like to call unreal-not-even-in-the-realm-of-food-things your body has to work even harder to digest them…if it even does digest them. So when we juice your body is able to absorb these things with minimal digestion! It gives your digestive system a chance to rest and we both know your body needs it.

So these are just simple basic reasons and there are more but go read for yourself about it and learn for yourself. But let’s move on to my tips to help you get through juicing and potentially a juice fast which I recommend you do at least once in your life.

You can do it! So this is my first and most basic tip. Understand that you and only you control your food choices. You and only you can physically make yourself eat something. No body else. Nothing else. Only you. So when people say “I couldn’t drink only juice for days” I just want to punch them in the face and say YES YOU CAN! Because absolutely you can and you can do it for as long as you choose to do it and you can succeed at it too. It’s mind over matter I will tell you the truth about that. You have to decide that you are going to do it but once you do, you can do it!

Listen to your body. So I said you can do it and I believe you can but if you pass out because you’ve been juicing for 90 days than yeah, not good and not healthy. Your body will give you clear signs of when you need more to “eat” or in this case drink while on a juice fast. However, we eat too much as it is so if you feel a little bit hungry it’s okay. And if you haven’t learned the art of listening to your body, it’s okay because we are all still learning.

Drink up. You cannot do a juice fast on 24oz of juice and some water. You need to drink a ton of water and a ton of juice. I also include tea in my juice fasts because it’s filling and warm. So yeah, drink tons of juice. You’re already going to be hungry (and it’s OKAY to be hungry) so don’t try to starve yourself on juice.

Get a good quality juicer. It goes without saying that you get what you pay for. You want better tasting juice? You want more juice from your veggies and fruits? It’s gonna cost you some extra dollars. I personally have no problem paying more for items that benefit my health and considering all the money I spend at Target on useless nonsense I have no excuse (and neither do you). I just got a new juicer and I cannot even begin to tell you how big of a difference there is in the quality and quantity of my juice. I loved my old one but I loooove this one even more. Can’t really tell you what magical number to spend but I would be hesitant about a juicer that’s under 100 bucks. Here’s the one I had and here’s the one I have now.

Start slowly. As my husband says, “start fruity”. This means that if you are contemplating juicing but know that you cannot do a straight kale juice it’s okay, throw some fruit in. Work your way to more veggies and less fruits. Work your way to all veggies and you will love yourself for doing it. It took me time. It’s taking my husband time. However, please refer to the listen to your body tip because too many fruits may make you act fruity (pun intended).

Buy organic produce. Alright, let’s all hear the “I cannot afford to rant” and then let me punch you in the face. Please make this the only time in your entire life you buy organic produce. And if you cannot buy organic make sure to super wash and peel all your fruits and veggies. Trust me when I tell you there’s a difference. Trust me when I tell you you don’t want to be drinking your pesticides. Also, side bar: Whole Foods juices are NOT 100% organic, NOT. Neither are EarthFare’s and don’t even get me started on the bottled nonsense. If you have to purchase one in town go to Axios in midtown… I love that place and it’s 100% organic.

Buy from your farmer’s market or in bulk. The framer’s market can sometimes be cheaper plus it’s such a great way to spread some love to your farmers. Also try some wholesale places like my wonderful Costco;I buy my carrots there…10 pound bag for 6 bucks…can’t beat that.

Variety is key. Start slowly but do work your way up to juicing a good variety of veggies and fruits. Don’t just make spinach and apple juices for a year. Try some collards for a change they are AMAZING juiced.

Eat after you juice unless you’re on a juice fast. Just do it okay? Juicing is awesome for so many reasons but as a meal it’s not. Unless you are doing only juice as a part of a fast or cleanse eat something after you juice. Try to wait at least 20 mins so your body can fully absorb those nutrients.

Drink your juice ASAP. Now, when I’m on a juice fast sometimes I have to make mine a day ahead because I have work and other things where I am unable to juice all day. It takes time so plan accordingly. Your juicer will give you some recommendations as to how long you can store juice. My recommendation is that after 48 hours your juice doesn’t taste that good anyways. Freshest is bestest. However, again, if you’re between juicing a day in advance and not juicing at all, juice a day in advance. Please.

Clean your juicer right away. They get dirty quick and you want to make sure to clean it pronto.

That’s pretty much all I got but I know there are more I’ve learned along the way. My juice fast was great and I want to start incorporating one day juice fasts bi-weekly and maybe even weekly for my body. And my husband is totally on board with me which is great. So go start juicing today! I will be more than happy to join you on a fast or help you get started.

P.s. If you start juicing and don’t like it, it’s okay. You’re not a horrible person….just a bad one. No just kidding but it’s okay. Just promise me you’ll at least try it.

P.p.s. Here’s some more tips and info: click me or me or me or me or me.

Happy crazy wonderful juicing to you all!



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