Late to the game + The Power of Prayer: 3/7/14

Guys, I’m pretty much always late to the game…on everything. I try so hard to be on time to so many things but I just flat-out fail. I forgot to mention the Oscars on my previous post but I think it deserves to be mentioned.

Favorite part number one, Frozen’s Let it Go winning best original song. Can we just say that those the Lopez mom and dad are the cutest people ever? How stupidly sweet was their speech? Side bar: Last week in group we discussed managing your feelings, one girl’s tip to herself to manage her feelings was to “conceal don’t feel don’t let them in” which is like not the point of the song at all. The point of the song is about letting go, being free of the feelings of having to conceal and not feel and etc. So when mom and dad said they wrote the song for their two girls so they never have to be ashamed of who they are… I’m in tears pretty much. And yet, I wonder how many girls didn’t catch this meaning of the song… how many insecure girls heard “conceal don’t feel” and thought, “yep, I would be better off doing that”. Just food for thought.

Favorite part number two, Matthew McConaughey winning best actor award. Man, that man is cool. I’m sure most of you didn’t expect him to thank God given some of the movies he’s been in but he did and it was awesome. Except 99% of Hollywood hated that moment. 99% of Hollywood has no clue what to do so they couldn’t even applause. It was seriously embarrassing for them, hollywood I mean. Like, this man just won best actor award and because he’s thanking God and going on for longer than two seconds about God you just cannot applause. Idiots. Such giant idiots. I wonder if he had stood up there and thanked Barack Obama how much applause then or maybe Allah or maybe any other idol or god. But when the audience is sure he is referring to God from the Bible…dead nothingness. I have a right mind to never watch another hollywood movie but Matthews movies. Idiots! Ellen ordering pizza gets more applause than a fellow actor winning best actor. You don’t like God? You don’t like that he’s thanking God? NOT THE POINT. He won best actor, you applause to that you jerks.

Moving on, you should also know about this. This family came here LEGALLY, was granted asylum, and then the Obama Administration decided that even though in Germany they would be thrown in prison for homeschooling their children in the Christian faith they were going to appeal the case. So you mean to tell me that dozens upon hundreds of people come here illegally for xyz but this family who was granted legal status was being threatened for deportation? Needless to say, they are NOT being deported but the fact that this case was even up for question makes me cringe.

Also, Russia is getting crazier by the second. Here’s another CNN link that’s safe to click. Guys, you should be little concerned that Russia isn’t threatened by any sanctions cause Russia isn’t playing a game. And our dear president has no clue what he is doing. He thinks that in 2014 there shouldn’t be any games to play but GUESS WHAT Mr. President there is and please don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you don’t want to fight fire with fire other countries will just jump on board. Here’s the thing, America looks like a total fool lately. While we are here worried about our immigration policies and weed, Russia is over there saying now is our chance to take what we think is ours and we know that their president isn’t going to do a thing about it. Well sure, the president may lecture us on being nice but that’s about it. Yeah, so um, yeah. Hopefully no more damage is done from this crisis but who knows what is in store.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We want to praise you for all that you have blessed with today and everyday and for your continuing grace over our lives. We lift up those in recovery from surgery and those are in current testing for potential surgery or cancer. We lift those up who have been diagnosed with cancer already, heal them, give them peace as they go on this journey and help their families as well. For those in the process of moving across state lines and from different countries as well. We pray for healing in our bodies, for knee and back problems and for general well-being of our health both physical and spiritual.




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