My wonderful crazy + GMO Salmon + some other thoughts: 3/3/14

First off, let’s just discuss how crazy it is that it is already March. It’s crazy that it is already March..right? I can’t get over it either. I think March started off beautifully for me as I watched one of the best and sweetest girls I know get married to an amazing guy. I love weddings. 

Moving on to something not so beautiful. Let’s talk GMO Salmon. For those of you unaware the crazy loons at the FDA are all about their GMO Salmon… for reasons I am not sure of other than the fact that they want to poison us and destroy our ecosystem. Cause that’s about the only thing that makes sense otherwise they would stop their crazy “I wanna be God and create things”/”I am part of evolution and so I will make Salmon into something that will kill off all other Salmon survival of the fittest style”. I mean, can we just agree that science has gone too far? Can we just agree that this is wrong? And if we cannot agree on that point can we at least agree that you deserve the right to know whether or not you are ingesting GE Salmon? Yeah, guess what? That isn’t a part of the FDA’s plans either. They want to feed you GMO Salmon without labeling it because if they did that would go against their ethics to lie and kill us off. So yeah, there’s that. Worst part of all? My dear beloved Costco is considering selling this GE Salmon. I am going to make noise about this for sure. I have countless discussions with people about how crazy I think it is that they are okay blindly ingesting GMOs of any kind! Really? You’re okay with this? If a Coach store sold you a knockoff coach purse would you be okay with it? If Apple sold you a knockoff iPhone would you be okay? Some people are and it’s crazy to me. I will have further rants about this later. Read more about this here.

Let’s move on to my next thought. 

Russia is craycray right now. I’m simply posting this sentence because it appears not everyone is as up to speed as they should be. If you haven’t heard Russia is taking over Ukraine and it’s kinda a big deal. And of course, our weak administration is….um, weak and um acting weak… And for fear that the NSA will delete my humble blog if I say more I will stop this rant. Read more about it here. Click it, it’s from CNN so you know the NSA won’t take that down and those who hate FoxNews will read it.

On to a much less heated discussion about my food for the day. It was a strange day as I usually eat a lot more than I did today but wasn’t as hungry as I usually am.

Breakfast: Lemon water and Cayenne. Lots of water. I was so full after drinking this I didn’t eat again until 11 which is a big deal for me 🙂

Snack: Organic cheese stick and orange. The kid I babysit for always has cheese sticks and it got me craving them last week. Thankfully Trader Joe’s has good prices on their cheese! It was worth it. I love cheese and oranges.

Lunch: Organic hummus with cucumber, tomatoes, and some quinoa black bean chips. I dice my tomatoes and cucumbers really small and mix them with my hummus and it’s delicious. For those of you who haven’t already, you need to eat cucumbers and hummus cause it’s AMAZING. I couldn’t even finish the bowl because I was so full.

Snack: I made a “green” smoothie using my wonderful Garden of Life RAW Protein powder. After making one for the hubby this morning I was craving this all day. I used the Vanilla one today but all of their stuff is awesome and the AmazingGrass brand is also well…amazing.

Dinner: Fried rice and sesame chicken. Oh and maduros (fried plantains). I don’t think I’ve ever had maduros at an Asian restaurant. My husband passed a demo thingy of some sort of thing today which he was freaking out about all weekend so this was a celebratory dinner. “Healthiest” of ingredients? Nope. But a healthy choice nonetheless, at least in my opinion. It would be completely unhealthy for me not to celebrate with him at a place he wanted to celebrate at. I could’ve brought my own food but I really didn’t feel like it and it’s all about balance you know? I just need some ginger tea badly now. 

That’s it I guess. Happy Monday!

Wishing you all sorts of wonderful craziness,



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