Dead in a Ditch Somewhere.

This post is not about anything in a ditch anywhere and definitely not dead for that matter. No, those were the words my friend texted me after a weekend of a text messages unanswered. Thankfully, I wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere although what I was doing was almost just as awful. I was scrapping wallpaper from my bathroom walls. Horrible. Awful, but the results are going to be fabulous! I will show you later.

Anyways, let’s recap my Monday eats for you from 2/24/13

Lemon and Cayenne first thing before I eat anything else.

For breakfast (which really turned into snack until lunch), this FoodBabe smoothie. It was delicious and spectacular and I sipped it all morning cause it was so filling.

I have been on a turkey sandwich kick recently. I love bread and turkey sandwiches but I rarely have them because good bread is expensive and too much bread isn’t good for me, plus quality sliced turkey meat is expensive too! I’m all about cheap (yes, you can eat organic and be cheap). So this is how you make a turkey sandwich the right way: add your veggies!!!! My sandwiches look like a salad between to slices of bread and that is the way to go! I promise. Even making an open-faced sandwich is amazing.

I snaked on an orange and delicious blueberries afterwards.

Later I had some hummus, organic from Costco and on sale!!! I paired the hummus with some yummy quinoa/black bean chips from Trader Joe’s and some baby carrots.

My husband worked late Monday and I was dead in the middle of painting my bathroom so dinner was some boxed mac and cheese with veggies (broccoli, peppers, onions). I get the Annie’s Mac and Cheese from Costco, it isn’t 100% organic and has a couple questionable ingredients in it BUT for one my husband LOVES mac and cheese, for two it is WAY better than the normal kind, and most importantly it beats my husbands idea which was “let’s go grab food out”. It’s nice to have your pantry stocked with some quick meal ideas for nights like this. As always, make sure to pair it with some veggies!! Yum!

Now, let us come before the Lord in prayer.

Dear Lord,

We thank you for the many blessings you have given us. Today I lift up those who are about to have surgery and those who are on the road to recovery from surgery (I know at least 4 people in my world who are going through this right now). I lift up those who are seeking employment. I pray that you would provide their every need in this time of transition and that you would help them find the right job. Lord help us to understand that we do not control things in our life but that you do. Help us to understand that Your plan is better than ours and that You are the orchestrator of said plans. Lord I pray for health, I pray that sickness and disease would have no place. I pray for those who have lost loved ones, send them comfort in their time of need. I pray for those who are moving to new places, houses, countries (I know at least 3 families). Bless their moves. 

One last thing, it’s March and for the month of March I am challenging myself to 31 minutes of exercise for 31 days. No breaks on weekends! 31 days straight of exercising for 31 minutes. Since I heard that walking doesn’t count as exercise (I think it does though if done correctly)… I’m gonna try to do additional exercising. Dancing probably! Join me if you’d like.

I’m a horrible blogger but what can I say, I’ve been dead in a ditch somewhere!


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