the continual becoming a healthy me journey: part one.

Sometimes I hate to use that word…healthy. Ugh, like, what is healthy anyways?

Health: German origin. Related to the word whole. Also related to the word holy. Soundness of body and mind.

If I could add something here it would be that health is not something you win at the end of the race. In other words, I don’t think it’s the end of the journey. I think health is the continual journey. I think health is the whole journey of life and it’s a never ending journey at that.
With that being said I give you part one of my becoming a healthy me journey. This part of the journey focuses on my spiritual body and mind.
I grew up in the church. We would go every Sunday and most Wednesdays. It didn’t mean much to me at all when I was young. The older I got I would like to say it meant more to me but that wasn’t totally true. Sure, I believed in God and I loved being in church and I loved Jesus, for reasons I wasn’t so sure of but I did. I went to private school from first grade to sixth grade and I still loved my church, believed in God and loved Jesus, for reasons I wasn’t so sure of but I did. When I was 13 I was “dating” this kid and we went to church together and I really really loved my church, believed in God and loved Jesus, for reasons I wasn’t so sure of but I did. It’s safe to say I really loved my church because this kid was there and I was all about this kid. It wasn’t about church or God or Jesus it was about this kid. And even before this kid it wasn’t really about God or Jesus or church, it was just something I grew up in and was a part of me but it wasn’t a part of me. Then I went to CCS and my life started changing and I started understanding why I loved my church, believed in God, and loved Jesus. My mind, my body, my whole being started awakening to the wonder and beauty of my faith and my God at CCS, at the age of 14. And eventually, like all childish relationships, that kid and I came to an end which was a great thing and so the journey continues. (Side bar: I met my husband around this time, God is good like that.) Right so I’m on this really cool awakening journey of becoming a healthy me and growing with my Lord and then it happens. It refers my time in Gainesville, and I was 15. Long story short, it was a nasty attack of the enemy on my life, on my family’s life, on everything and at the exact time it was the most beautiful, wonderful, showering of blessings from my gracious Savior. It was in this time that I grew, more than I would have ever been able to had I not been in Gainesville. In this time of my life I started to realize how beautifully loved I was and how beautiful my Savior was. It was in this time of life that I now knew in my heart, my flesh, my soul, my body, my whole self why I loved my church, believed in God, and loved Jesus. It was beautiful and it came from such a gross time in life which makes it even more beautiful. The journey continues as I date my husband and God helps me grow even more… I mean, more? Really God? You’re so cool. My husband is the most amazing man on earth. He is gracious and kind and patient. He forgives easily. He doesn’t hold grudges. He would give you the back off his shirt if you needed it. There is so much my Savior has taught me through him. I have seen so much love from my Lord through my husband. It’s beautiful. And everyday in marriage I’m pushed, forced, and blessed with the opportunity to continue my journey to being whole before the Lord. (Side bar: that’s what marriage is all about… I’ll write a post about it later.)
This is more or less the synopsis of my continual journey to becoming a healthy me. I could go on and on forever but the end of the story is really that I was saved and redeemed and called and so much more.
Everyday I walk this journey.
Everyday I continue the journey to be whole before the Lord.
In wonderful craziness,

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