The Power of Prayer: 2/14/14

How suiting is it that my first post of prayers would be on Valentines Day! Valentines Day, a day set aside to love on those special someones in your life. What better way to spread some love than through the power of prayer.

Dear Lord,

Today we pray the logistics of a move from Germany back to the states would come together for a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. Her move would mean she would be present to care and love on her father who is set to have colon surgery in March. We also pray your hand of protection over that surgery.

Today we lift up a family who is trying to adopt a precious boy. We pray that the enemy would have no place in all the logistics that must occur for this adoption to run smoothly.

We pray for two missionary family who are in need financially. We pray that you would provide a way to meet all their needs and that your peace would continue to cover them through this time of financial need.

We pray those who are traveling and stuck in snow storms would be brought home safely!

We pray for a family who is experiencing divorce.

We pray for salvation for those who do not know you. We pray that your love would draw them to you.

We lift up our feelings of anxiety and worry to you. That You would help us as we struggle to remind the flesh of Your everlasting grace and love.

Lord, soften our hearts towards coworkers who may be harder to get along with than we think they should be.

We pray for safe travel of my husband, who will be traveling to south Florida next week. Keep him safe and help all his work to go smoothly.

Most importantly we pray that everyday we would pray, everyday we would have a passion for You, everyday we would dig deeper, love people, and love You.

We lift up all these things to you today in Your wonderful name, Amen.

Join me in prayer if you will-it’s super powerful

If you would like prayer please email your requests to

In prayer and love and wonderful craziness,



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