Gideon: Session 2

This is session two of the Gideon bible study by Priscilla Shirer. I’m deeply in love with bible study, it’s seriously so good. I wanted to share some thoughts from this video session we watched today.

Let me recap Session 1 first. In Session 1 we discussed the context of Gideon which starts at a time when the people of the nation had stopped moving forward, turned away from God, and did what was right in their own eyes. As a consequence they were given into the hands of the Midianites for seven years (see Judges 6:1). So God raised up some judges but not in the same way we think of them today. These judges were called and empowered by God to unite the people of God to stand against the enemy. So what you may be wondering is like what the heck went wrong between Genesis and Judges? Here’s what went wrong: they didn’t know God, their hearts didn’t have a passion for Christ, and so in the end their hands were doing the wrong things. Sound familiar? Yeah, let me insert something here and say that their is NOTHING new under the sun. So before you start your complaining about how the world is so horrible now and you can’t believe we ever got to such a horrible place just remember the story of Gideon and know… nothing new under the sun.

I won’t go further into detail; I want you to pick up the study yourself.

Here we are in Session two to discuss what to expect when you’re expecting. It starts with the Lord calling upon Gideon to be the courageous warrior who delivers his people from the hands of the Midianites. Gideon of course is all what the heck, I can’t. I’m too this, I’m too that, I’m all (insert whatever you THINK you are all the while neglecting what God SAYS you are). Big baby. Sound familiar? Nothing new under the sun.

Gideon is in crisis, more than one if you ask me. Not the point though, the point is that any crisis is not powerful enough to place you out of the reach of God. Your crisis is not too big for God. Your crisis is God allowed or God arranged meaning that it is also ordained, redeemed, blessed, and for a purpose. Sometimes people hate to hear that, trust me, I’ve been there but believe me when I say that your circumstances ARE in fact for a larger God ordained purpose. Maybe you should stop being so selfish about your own little worldview cause maybe it isn’t all about you.

Here’s what your circumstances do, they position you for God’s calling. They position you for the glory of God. They position you for the work that needs to be done for God and for you. They position you for the wonderful craziness that is life.

There’s a lot more from the session and I am so excited for week two but I’ll leave you with this:

First understand that your battle is spiritual. I don’t care how physical it seems to you, it’s also spiritual.

If you are going through something in your life right now please hear me when I tell you that your circumstances have purpose.

Please hear me when I tell you that God is more interested in changing your heart than your circumstances. When you feel like you are still walking the hard road and you just don’t understand why your circumstances won’t change take a look at your heart, has it changed?

Next time you are in the fire and you are praying to get out–stop. Your fire could be your biggest blessing. Your fire is in the hands of God. Your fire is right where you need to be.

Wishing you the most wonderful craziness,



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