My Wonderful Crazy Monday: 02/10/14

Getting out of bed was hard today. It was a long weekend, my husband was heading out of town which is always a bummer, and I had a case of the Mondays for sure.

I started off the morning with my warm lemon water and cayenne. It’s a super easy morning routine I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks in hopes that it will help with the daily detoxing needed to maintain a healthy me- I think it’s working too!

Pour boiled water in a large glass half full with room temperature water, squeeze one half of a lemon, sprinkle with cayenne, and boom, drink up!

For breakfast I had my newest obsession which is a piece of toast with sunflower seed butter and my “banana jam” on top. SO DELICIOUS.

BANANA JAM – There isn’t an exact recipe but it goes something like this:

1 small banana mashed

1TBSP chia seeds (maybe)

1TBSP ground flax seeds (maybe)

1/2 TBSP honey (maybe)

cinnamon to taste

You could easily make this into a green smoothie by adding it to your blender with some greens and liquid.

Even try it for dessert as a shake!

Throughout the morning I sip on some detox tea.

And for lunch I had Kirkland’s Organic Black Bean soup. It’s always nice to keep good quality organic soups in my pantry for days like today when I need to go to the grocery store BADLY.

Afternoon snack was leftover quinoa with leftover homemade pesto and zucchini with a little bit of cheese.

Homemade pesto – It varies every time but pesto is so easy and delicious to make:

1-2 cups arugula

handful of almonds

a couple TBSPs shredded cheese

splash of ACV

olive oil to desired consistency, at least 1/4 cup I would say (maybe)

Later, cause I eat A LOT, I had some bake dried Fuji apples.

For those of you who know me usually there would be a green smoothie or juice thrown in the mix here but did you see where I said I had to go to the store? Yeah, I have like one head of lettuce here and I’m saving that for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I’m getting hungry and my detox bath still awaits!

Hoping your Monday was filled with lots of wonderful craziness,



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